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  • Current law regarding the employment of foreigners in Poland divides foreigners into citizens of Member States and other countries, imposing different means of treatment of each of these groups in respect to their rendering of work. Various procedures shall apply for the hiring of a foreign correspondent, an academic teacher or e.g. the general director of a representative office in Poland.

    The criteria used in respect to EU citizens which defines the scope of freedom in rendering work within Poland is citizenship, i.e. affiliations with a given country. On the other hand, generic criteria are used in respect to citizens of other countries. This is because policies regarding employment in various professions vary. In the case of certain professions, the securing of a permit is not required at all. On the other hand, simplified procedures consisting of the omission of certain requirements during proceedings associated with the securing of a permit, are applied.

    Exemption from the obligation to obtain a work permit:

    The general principle arising from the Act about Aliens is granting foreigners the right to perform work within the Republic of Poland. However, the provisions of the Act differentiate principles related to the performance of work by foreigners, with such differentiation being dependent on the category of foreigners intending to perform work in Poland. Such categories have been divided up using, above all, the criteria of citizenship, the status of the foreigner as well as the nature of the profession. An example of different principles related to the performing of work by foreigners is the exemption of certain categories of foreigners from the obligation to obtain a work permit.

    A foreigner wishing to undertake work in Poland must, in addition to obtaining a work permit, obtain the appropriate visa or residence document issued by another area state if the foreigners stay in Poland is not regulated by visa-less regulations.