the end of the pandemic in March 2023, what a foreigner must do to legalize his stay

All signs in the sky and on earth herald the end of the pandemic in March 2023

What does it mean for foreigners residing in Poland without a valid residence title - residence card?

We would like to remind you that after the announcement of the end of the pandemic, foreigners who are currently staying without a residence title (residence card) must apply for a stay within 30 days, we suggest you do it now because there will probably be huge queues.
More and more countries and WHO are talking about the end of the pandemic and transition to endemic, what will it mean if Poland announces it?
There will be 30 days left to legalize the stay of foreigners who are on the territory of Poland without a valid residence title. It will probably take place in March 2023, we suggest that you take care of legalizing your stay and obtaining a residence card earlier, because the waiting time will probably be very long later. The same applies to work permits and declarations of entrusting work.
Also from 31.March 2023, Ukrainian citizens who reside in Poland on the basis of a special act may start applying for a residence card, and they will probably start doing so.
The combination of the two above-mentioned situations will lead to a complete paralysis of offices, despite the planned introduction of facilitations in submitting applications for residence and work.