Registered Partnership

Established for the purpose of operating business on a larger scale.

A minimum of two individuals or legal persons.

Minimum capital

Legal personality
None. Personal partnership.

Each partner is liable without limitation, for the debts and obligations of the partnership, jointly with other partners and the partnership, to the extent of his or her entire property

PIT Declaration - Personal Income Tax; or CIT - Corporate Income Tax; each partner pays tax separately.

Establishment process
In order to be effective, a deed of partnership must be executed in writing, whereupon the partnership should be entered into the National Court Register.

Additional requirements for foreign investors
International agreements on reciprocity should be in place. Otherwise, a foreign investor is required to present a certificate issued by the competent Polish representation abroad, stating that, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, Polish entrepreneurs are permitted to conduct business activity in the country in which the investor has permanent residency or registered office.

Representation of a partnership
Each partner has right to represent a company. Registered partnership may also be represented by a proxy