Help in settling up Tax return

Polish macroeconomic situation induces people to start to work here, set up a company or branch.
This implies a necessity for settlements with the tax office. These are subject to be normalized by bilateral agreements between states. Our company helps foreigners to clarify ambiguous issues to settle in light of existing rules and agreements.
What form of business in Poland to choose, depending on the target to achieve.
What is the tax return of an alien working in Poland?
How to optimally account for taxes?
We can distinguish several possibilities for you;

The first is where the remuneration is paid to a foreigner by a Polish employer. Then the employer is also liable for Polish contributions and advances on income tax - and he calculates it, collects and pays to the relevant tax office. An alien must only show it in the Polish annual income tax return.

The second option is when the remuneration for work carried out in Poland is paid abroad by a foreign employer, on the following conditions:

1.The employer is not domiciled or resident in Poland, and
2. The remuneration for work is not borne by a permanent establishment or fixed base which the employer has in Poland.

This concerns mainly people who are working in Poland on the basis of a delegation letter.
Of course, for workers who are not EU citizens is still required the work permit.
In this situation, the alien only after 183 days in Poland in a given tax year is required to calculate and pay the withholding tax. He does it alone, as the employer is not liable for the advances in income tax here.

Continued soon.
The international conventions for the avoidance of double taxation have been concluded between Poland and:

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