Warsaw sightseeing

The symbol of Warsaw is the Palace of Culture and Science, a gift of friendship of the Russians to Polish people (in the photo).
Now it is becoming surrounded by huge skyscrapers build by foreign investors.
Our company is organizing tours around the city most interesting places.
The Warsaw tours are scheduled to show the most interesting places and aspects of the capital of Poland. They can be organized as customized personal tour or our cost-effective services when traveling in a group.
For personal tours we offer high quality mini Vans and off road cars.
Monuments and interesting places to visit in Warsaw are mainly situated in the very centre of the city. In order to see everything of importance we would like to invite you to take a stroll along three specially prepared routes. If you like long walks and visiting historical places, beautiful parks, palaces & monuments - just call us. These will take you through the most interesting parts of Warsaw.